About Christiane 

Geologist, Teacher, Explorer, and Wanderer

Christiane is currently working as a high school math and science teacher in Micronesia. She holds a BSc. Hons. in Geology from Bates College as well as an MSc. in Petroleum Geoscience from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She is an alumnus of Convent of the Sacred Heart in Greenwich, the Juneau Icefield Research Program (JIRP) and Students On Ice (SOI). She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Member of the Explorers Club.

Before the age of 21, Christiane had made it to all seven continents. She often finds herself in far-flung regions of the world ranging from glaciers in Alaska to the North Korean Peninsula.  

Contrary to much today's world, Christiane takes her adventures slowly. She believes each country, region, culture, and even one's self is   best explored with time. You'll find the most serendipity that way.